New Year’s Eve for Kids

Sleepyhead’s New Year’s Eve Countdown

Let’s have a party at home! Let’s clean up, pop some party poppers, learn the hottest moves and do the limbo! Sleepyhead may have difficulty staying awake on New Year’s Eve, but luckily we’ve arranged a group of neighbours to come and entertain and keep everyone awake.

Sleepyhead’s New Year’s Eve Countdown is a fun celebration for the whole family, during which everyone is encouraged to try their hand at art and to dance and play bingo with the programme’s hosts from the comfort of their own home. Prepare for the evening by following the instructions on social media!

The speechless spectacle is suitable for people of all ages and is organised by the Skidit arts collective, known to be behind the city’s most imaginative children’s events.

Prepare for the party:

Sleepyhead’s New Year’s Eve Countdown on the Helsinki-kanava Channel on 31/12/2020 from 17:30–18:00.

Photo: Johanna Repo